Ladies, Would You Jump Hurdles to Get Your Axe-Wearing Man?


This one's no where near as good as its sister ad, Hot Putt, nor is the woman in this second ad as hot as the woman in the first. But, hey, there's only so many times BBH can create "hot" ads for Axe before they strike out once in a while. OK, OK. She has a really great ass. Satisfied?

The second ad, High Street Hurdles just doesn't have the same oomph and lustful determination of the the first ad. In each ad, a woman is drawn to a man wearing Axe but the woman in the Hot Putt ad goes to greater lengths to get her man. And, unlike the woman going after the construction worker in the second ad, the woman in the first ad actually gets to full on have her way with the lucky guy.

While everyone's calling these latest two ads, and the equally maligned Headless Breasts ad, a tragedy, we think the brand is headed in the right direction. While the much lauded Kiefer Sutherland Susan Glenn ad was a brilliant pieced of work, not to mention a big departure for the brand, it's not these seemingly intelligent, Susan Glenn-pining men the brand is after.

Axe, smartly, is after the horny male middle school mindset. Because, after all, there's a horny male middle schooler inside every man no matter how sophisticated he ultimately becomes.

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials   

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