Those New FedEx Spots? Yea, They're Pretty Good


AdFreak loves them. AgencySpy loves them. And we do too. Three new FedEx spots from BBDO New York amp up the funny with deliciously zany scenarios, all involving golf. First up, a very Kiss-like (well, looking, that is) rock band lazily lounges in a hotel room as their manic manager bursts in and shouts, "How am I supposed to sell you guys as the most dangerous band in the world when you're seen schlepping golf clubs through the airport?"

The wordplay which follows between manager and band is magically masterful as the band turns out to be a bunch of golf-loving softies who'd never think of trashing a hotel room.

A second spot has three office lemmings on a business trip tossing their golf clubs aside when they see their boss checking in minus golf clubs (he, of course, shipped then FedEx). And a third has a guy insisting an Arnold Palmer is really a Mark Steffenhagen

Of course, the whole thing is a tie in to the FedExCup.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-12   Click to Comment   

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