Exposed Nipple Causes Headache For Sears


Sears, a retailer one doesn't normally associate with racy lingerie (barring recent Kardashian Kollection insanity), found itself it a bit of hot water this week over an image in the Exotic Apparel section of its website. Seemingly missed by every designer, photographer and project manager whose eyes it had to pass before being placed online, a picture of a model wearing a purple babydoll slip from reseller Fright Depot clearly shows a nipple protruding through the mesh top.

All the usual furor one can expect from organizations like the American Family Association and others dubbed the slip up inappropriate, offensive and accused Sears of selling smut.

We're not sure when the natural beauty of a woman's nipple became smut but, hey, there will always be a collection of people out there that refuse to believe females have nipples...that actually serve a function in the perpetuation of the human race!

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12    
Topic: Racy

Five Best Practices for Optimizing Content for Facebook Timeline


With the debut of Timeline for brands earlier this year, brands and marketers everywhere wondered whether or not the major changes to fan page functionality would cause noticeable differences in engagement activity. Social media firm Wildfire decided to find out and ran the stats for 43 brands ranging from 20K to 40MM fans. They tracked engagement metric 21 days prior to and 21 days after the Timeline change. A new report, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, sums up the findings and informs:

  • Whether the transition to Timeline has had a significant impact on fan page engagement
  • What the early adopter brands have discovered about optimizing content for the new page format
  • Lessons learned and best practices from the savviest marketers on Facebook
Download the report now to find out how your brand can take full advantage of Facebook Timeline.

by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12    
Topic: Announcements

Integrated Advertising Redefined for the Social Media Era


They had us until they mentioned Lovemark. OK, that said, BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv is out with a video that takes a look at integrated advertising as it was in the days of Mad Men and redefines if for the social media age.

While the video is concise, explanatory and makes a lot of sense, it's purpose is to tout what, apparently, is a new position inside Saatchi that aims to set itself apart from the herd, the Brand Navigator. The Brand Navigator is essentially an agency version of the client-side marketing director.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12    
Topic: Agencies

'Football Expert' Sean Astin Advises NFL Rookies


Even though he doesn't even like football or play the game (at least in real life), actor Sean Astin - who played underdog Notre Dame football player Rudy Ruettiger in the 1993 film, Rudy - is a football expert in this Pepsi Max-sponsored video.

In the video, Astin sits down with this year's crop of rookies for some innocuous and sometimes funny banter.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Video

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Twitter Hashtag Shoots Nerf Gun Inside Philadelphia Ad Agency


On September 13th and 14th, anyone who tweets using the hashtag #TweetToShoot from anywhere in the world will fire a real Nerf dart inside Philadelphia ad agency Neiman. The target is a a re-creation of the Nintendo game, Duck Hunt.

It's a project with far reaching possibilities for brands according to Digital Creative Director Chris Reif who told us, "Imagine the ability for a consumer packaged goods brand to deliver a coupon from an in-store end cap. By tweeting a specific hashtag, the customer gets a coupon. By incentivizing word-of-mouth, brands reap the benefits of a consumer's influence on their social circle. Then, if you look outside of social influence of individuals, perhaps a brand would become a trending topic in that city."

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12    

Energy Drink Helps Australians Facerape Their Friends


For Australian energy drink V, Jung von Matt has developed Switcheroo, a "game" that allows one person post anything they want on another person's Facebook long as you give them permission to do the same. It's set up in a way that no passwords are shared nor is access to private messages or settings granted.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12    
Topic: Social, Strange

Texans, Rams Get Pre-Kick Off Video Hype


The Famous Group has created a couple of promotional videos; one for the Houston Texans and one for the St. Louis Rams. In the Houston Texans video, players are seen as high-tech superheroes using futuristic touch-screen technology seen in most every action movies these days. The 80-second game-opening segment will be shown on in-stadium screens before kickoff of every home game.

In the St. Louis Rams video, 10 St. Louis players re-enact actual plays that are then cut together with actual highlight footage. The production included a nearly 100 percent steadicam shoot bringing the viewer close to the action.

Check out both video below.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12    
Topic: Video

Grey Poupon to Accept Only 'Classy' Fans on Facebook


Grey Poupon, that upper crust mustard which rose to prominence in the 80's with the famed "Pardon Me" campaign is, after a 15 year advertising hiatus, back with a Facebook campaign that takes a decidedly different tact than most other brands. Rather than accumulating as many Likes as possible, the brand will only accept "classy" fans who ask to join the brand's The Society of Good Taste page.

The campaign, developed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, will employ an algorithm that will search and judge users' profiles based on their proper use of grammar, art taste, restaurant-check ins, books read, movie selections and other indicators of "classy." If the algorithm detects poor taste in music or TXT speak, for example, they could be rejected for membership. Those who do not qualify, will have their Like rescinded and asked to refine their profile before trying again.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12    
Topic: Social

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