Warby Parker Debuts First TV Commercial


Online eyewear retailer Warby Parker is out with an oh-so-British themed TV commercial, the first for the brand. The cheeky ad, created by New York shop Partners & Spade, borrows imagery from 1950's magazines as well as collections of Victorian wallpaper, Japanese architecture and textbooks.

Now if only they could do progressive lenses.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-20-12    
Topic: Commercials

Why Brands Should Attend Affiliate Summit


You may have heard of this thing called affiliate marketing. It's a not so quiet segment of online marketing that Forrester predicts will experience a 17 percent compounded annual growth rate between 2-12 and 2016 to become a $4.5 billion segment.

I've been to Affiliate Summit, the premiere conference in the space, every year since 2008 as attendee, press or photographer. While I can't say I'm an uber affiliate marketing professional after all those years (my own fault), I can say I've formed some of the closest personal and business bonds of any of the many marketing conferences I attend. And I've learned about an entirely new segment of online marketing.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-20-12    
Topic: Industry Events

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