Samuel L. Jackson Says 'Wake the F#&K Up' to Obama Supporters


Oh it's funny when Samuel L. Jackson says, "Wake the fuck up." But it's even funnier when an eight year old girl screams it out the window. That's basically the scenario of this Jewish Council for Education and Research-funded pro-Obama video featuring none other than the motherfucking king, himself, Samuel L. Jackson.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-27-12    
Topic: Political

Cisco Behind Every Politician's Big Moment


"As a candidate prepares for a big speech, Cisco's collaboration and multiple device products serve as a key member of the team by blending the whole process seamlessly."

Oh so this is how Presidential speeches are prepared. Who new? It seems presidents and politicians the world over would be helpless without Cisco's collaboration solutions.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners created.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-27-12    
Topic: Commercials

Papa Gino's Causes People to Drop Everything And Eat


Did someone say Papa Gino's? According to these Allen & Gerritsen-created Papa Gino's ads, you'd think someone had just screamed, "Aliens have landed! Run for your lives!" But, no, apparently the power of Papa Gino's pizza is enough to make everyone drop what they are doing and chow down on the latest Papa Gino's offering.

Explaining the campaign's approach, Allen & Gerritsen Chief Creative Officer Gary Greenberg said, "This campaign is designed to connect emotionally with a wide cross-section of New Englanders who have grown up with Papa Gino's. 'Let's Eat' speaks to the role Papa Gino's plays in people's lives, whether they're at work, in class, or at play. It's community driven, and has a sense of humor that's true to the heart and soul of the Papa Gino's brand."

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by Steve Hall    Sep-27-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials

Hyundai Santa Fe Sexually Arouses Dutch Women


Complete with upskirt shot and slow motion, erect-nipple-through-the-shirt shot, Amsterdam-based ad agency Fitzroy would have us believe the new Hyundai Santa Fe, along with its Storm Edge design, is so hot it causes women to suffer serious sexual arousal. Sweat drips. Nipples surge. Desire overtakes.

Damn, if a car this ugly can get these ladies dripping, it's likely a country-wide orgasm of epic proportion would ensue if a Lamborghini drove down the road

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by Steve Hall    Sep-27-12    
Topic: Racy

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Kylie Minogue Bares Ass Cleavage For Insurance Ad Spoof


Kylie Minogue, she of Agent Provocateur mechanical bull fame, is baring her ass cheeks in a...hmm...cheeky ad spoof for a fictitious body insurance company. The ad was created by British artist Katerina Jebb as part of a parody endorsement exhibit she crafted.

Stupidly, embedding has been disabled so here's the link.

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Racy, Spoofs

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