Weight Watchers to Steal Jessica Simpson's Amazing Cleavage


A few months ago when Jessica Simpson tweeted, "Just taking a walk around the block. Street legal?", along with a picture of her pushing her new baby in a stroller, the world was treated to the enormity of her post-pregnancy boobs. Already a DD cup (according to her father, no less), Simpson ballooned to a much larger size, appearing double the size of her pre-pregnancy DDs. Of course, Simpson's breasts weren't the only part of her body that grew in size. Jessica is big all over now which, perhaps, is why she's hooked up with Weight Watchers again and can be seen in a new commercial for the brand.

In the ad, which crops most of Jessica out, Simpson says, "It's working. I'm on my way. And it feels amazing. Really I just want to be a better version of myself." If you ask us, Simpson looks great no matter what size she is.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials   

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