TV Fail Causes Anarchy and World Disorder


Remember all those studies that told us TV rots the brain, causes anxiety, makes you fat and causes a whole host of other problems? Well, perhaps it's the opposite. In this Scholz & Friends-created German commercial for TV provider Saturn, we see the devastation and disaster caused by poor TV reception.

Is TV really this important to us?

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by Steve Hall    Oct-25-12    
Topic: Commercials

Dish Internet Access Worthy of Parade


Two new spots from Barton F Graf 9000 feature the agency's trademark quirk and wit. The spots, Candy and Parade tout Dish Network's high speed internet for remote locations. In each ad, we have an overjoyed resident handing out candy and having his own parade in celebration of high speed internet access.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-25-12    
Topic: Strange

Adobe Calls Bullshit on Marketing Buzzwords


I was recently at a conference and no less than four of the presenters used the term "ladder up" as some kind of fancy buzzword bingo for ramping things up. At least I think that's what they meant. At the end of the day. Bigger picture. Ripple effect. Halo effect. 360 degree view. These and other "make me sound smart" lines of bullshit spew forth from the mouths of marketing execs like verbal diarrea on steroids.

Shut. The Fuck. Up.

Thank you, Adobe.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-25-12    
Topic: Brands

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