Did You See those Awesome Tires?


While watching this latest work for Kumho Tires, you will wait. And you will wait. And will wait. You will wait for something...anything to happen. But no. Nothing does. All we get is a dad who puts tires on a baby stroller and gets chased by the police. This could have been accomplished in :30 but no. You have to wait a full 2:09 before, well, before nothing happens.

They should have stuck with hot chick frolicking on the beach.

Attempting to explain the strategy behind the video, Kumho Tire USA VP of Marketing Rick Brennan said, "Of course, the video is meant to be a humorous take on the lengths some people will go to when they have great tires on their cars... or other means of transportation. YouTube is one of the top rated social media sites and Kumho Tire wants the company to be accessible wherever its consumers go on the digital front. This video gives YouTube viewers an entertaining way to remember our brand."

"Entertaining" is a relative terms.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 9-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Video   

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