Snickers' Horseless Headsman Fails to Scare


We love the oddity of this BBDO New York-created work for Snickers. Pirouetting off the classic Headless Horseman motif made popular in the Legend of Sleepy Hallow, the agency created the Horseless Headsman. Voiced rather brilliantly by Ezra Buzzington, the Horseless Headsman stumbles upon a group of trick or treaters in an attempt to scare them.

Ever jaded, these kids just don't get it. As much as our Horseless Headsman attempts to send a chill through the spine of these youngsters, it is to no avail. They ask, "How is that even scary?"

Feeling a bit worry for the scary dude who isn't all that scary, the kids offer the Horseless Headsman a Snickers bar. And that's when the brand's tagline, You're not you when you're hungry" pays off. Our Horseless Headsman takes a bite and suddenly becomes a very scary Headless Horseman frightening the children off into the night.

The ad has the necessary oddity and originality to become something of a hit though you'd never know that from its pitiful YouTube view count. Time will tell we suppose.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 2-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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