Who Knew Nikon Was Pronounced Nee-Kon?


I've had a Nikon camera for about six years and in all that time, this is the first I've heard Nikon pronounce Nee-Kon. I have to assume that I, and, seemingly, everyone else on the planet, have been wrong all these years. After all, if a Nikon-branded video pronounces the word Nee-Kon, it must be so.

That little oddity aside, Nikon is out with a 2:37 video that focuses on tears and how tears (and the face) can convey many emotions and how Nikon lenses are designed to capture those emotions. It's decent work, But since when did Nikon's little logo jingle begin to sound like the last bit of the Intel jingle?

by Steve Hall    Oct-12-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Video   

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