How 'Big Data' Can Improve Your Online Marketing


Just like the term "native advertising" is being bandied about as the latest end-all, be-all solution to what ails the advertising industry, the term "big data" is said to be the savior of online audience targeteting. This Janrain whitepaper, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, explores ways to collect, store, and extract value from the ever-increasing volume of customer-related information.

Download the whitepaper now to insure your approach to "big data" is more than a buzzword.

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-12    
Topic: Research

Cheesecake Factory Uses Balloons to Deliver Smell of Joy


Here's an interesting one. On December 1 on a chilly and overcast day in Philadelphia, The Cheesecake Factory sent tams dressed in all white carrying giant bouquets of balloons all throughout Philadelphia. Each balloon handed out carried the message "Pop it". Once popped, the balloons according to color would reveal the scent of Peppermint Bark Cheesecake (for red), Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake (for brown) or Original Cheesecake (for cream).

Inside each balloon was a message from The Cheesecake Factory which "Try a slice on us" which could be redeemed for a complimentary slice of cheesecake. One of the best promotional uses of balloons we've seen in a long time.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-20-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Christmas Tree Sh%ts Charcoal in Super Strange Agency Holiday Video


The notion of receiving coal in your stocking or under the tree for Christmas takes on an entirely new meaning in this holiday video, The Legend of Douglas Fir, from Piston Agency. A lonely Christmas tree with irritable bowel syndrome and a burning desire to become a real Christmas tree falls off a car and begins his quest to fully realize his potential.

It's one of the most hilariously strange and awkwardly gross videos we have ever seen but we think you should give it a watch. Although after viewing, on Christmas morning you may have a strange urge to unwrap your presents with rubber gloves, Just sayin'.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-20-12    
Topic: Agencies, Strange

AKQA Creates Shared Orchestral Digital Experience

akqa_mobile_orchestra.png very, very cool. AKQA has created what they call Mobile Orchestra. With help from the Pacific Chamber Symphonym the agency has made it possible for firends to share a performance of Carol of Bells.

If you gather some friends and point them to Mobile Orchestra, different parts of the performance will appear on each person's individual device. Quite cool.

Check out the example video below.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-20-12    
Topic: Agencies, Mobile/Wireless

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Guitar Center Celebrates 'Experience Gifts'


With three holiday-themed "15's, Guitar Center, with help from McGarrah Jessee, is touting what they call "experience gifts." The brand feels these gifts are, well, just better than the latest electronic gadget.

To tout these "experience gifts," Guitar Center hooked up with three young musicians who are quite pleased their parents and Santa didn't get them cologne, socks or video games for Christmas.

Anything to get kids away from their electronic gadgets, right parents?

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by Steve Hall    Dec-20-12    
Topic: Campaigns

Car Maker Offers Free Car if World Ends


As the run up to the end of the world nears, more and more brands are capitalizing with various stunts and promotions. Swiss car maker SEAT placed the new SEAT Leon FR in an emergency survival box at the Winterthur main station in Switzerland. This car has features that protects it's driver both actively and passively...which could come in handy Friday. As the brand advocates, "he perfect vehicle to make it to safety, in case of the apocalypse."

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by Steve Hall    Dec-20-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Refrigerator Leftovers Sing 12 Days of Christmas


We all suffer from this from time to time. We open the refrigerator door and are presented with a panoply of leftovers. Except none of them are magnificent or impressive. Rather they're slimy, smelly, old and entirely uninviting. But, in the case of these particular leftovers, they can sing. Yes, sing. And in this Deutsch NY-created Outback Steakhouse video, they sing 12 Days of Leftovers.

Which, of course, makes us want to slam shut the refrigerator door, hop in the car and head over to Outback for a delicious steak.

Wait, what? You're still here? Go! Go! The article's finished. You can go to Outback now.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-20-12    
Topic: Video

Newspapers Are More Interesting Than A Bear Driving A Car


In an effort to convey just how newspapers can still command a reader's attention, DuvalGuillaume, on behalf of Belgium's Newspaperwork, gave three top newspaper advertisers a free, chauffeur-driven ride (and a newspaper to read) while attempting to distract them with silliness.

Everything from pantless chauffeur drivers to flaming runners to mediuan strip golfers to a bear driving a car to a man in a space suit to an American Indian on a motorcycle couldn't distract the advertisers from their newspapers
Hmm. Either newspapers truly are interesting or the advertisers where just busy attempting to find their own ads and where in the paper their competitors advertise.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-20-12    
Topic: Newspaper, Video

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