Is This Carlton Draught Ironing Promotion Sexist?


Working with a corporate brand template from Carlton Draught for a Laundry Night promotion, a Sydney Australia pub, the Imperial, part of the Paddington Pub Precinct, is promising people a night off from ironing.

A promotional email from the pub read, "Give the wife, girlfriend or partner a rest tomorrow night, because the Carlton Draught girls will be in to do your laundry (well your ironing anyway)."

Of the promotion, a spokesman for the Paddington Pub Precinct said, "This is part of a CUB promotion that Paddington Pub Precinct has embraced to re-engage people with our heritage pubs. It's about getting people back into the pub. Our intention was not to be sexist, and we'll be looking in to this."

And of how it's templated promotion has been adopted by the brand's retail outlets, a Carlton spokesman said, "As part of getting people back into pubs we're trialling a promo which offers people the opportunity to 'get your shirt ironed for free'. We've provided participating pubs with a lock up of some creative which can be used by them to encourage people to take part. We've seen the ways some of the venues promoted this on Facebook we reckon their words could have better reflected the fact that we all hate ironing."

Carlton's creative agency, Clemenger BBDO said it was not involved in the creation of the promotion.

A sexist return to the 50's? Or just harmless fun?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 7-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Promotions   

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