We Know Not Why Jack Daniels Converts Barrel Into Snare Drum


OK so we're watching this new, Arnold-created Jack Daniel's ad in which a Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whisky barrel is deconstructed and turned into a snare drum and all we can come up with is, "Why? Why? Why?"

Seriously, why? Does whisky make a better snare drum? We don't think so. Because if it did, all snare drum manufacturers would be buying up old whiskey barrels and converting them.

Of course, this is advertising so logic and common sense take a back seat. The barrel deconstruction and reconstruction is simply an excuse to hold a contest in which entrants can win the drum...and tickets to a Zac Brown Band show.

Remind us again...how does this sell whiskey?

by Steve Hall    Jan-11-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Promotions   

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