StrawberryFrog's 'Ask Movement' Helps Launch Electric Car in India


StrawberryFrog India has crafted the "Ask" movement for the e2o - an electric car by India's leading auto company, Mahindra. The movement was launched on Monday with a digital film and social media campaign. It portrays 'asking questions' as a way of ushering in a better future. "Ask" resonates with India's increasingly bold, assertive and demanding youth. It reflects Mahindra's commitment to ask tough questions and enable higher standards.

The 90-second film features people asking urgent questions about life, society and the environment, using a "rising hand" as a visual motif to denote questions. It ends with a call to participate in the movement on

Of the campaign for the e2o, B Karthik, corporate brand management, Mahindra & Mahindra, said, "All of humanity's achievements can be traced to a question that someone has asked. Be it Newton's discovery or Einstein's creation, it's all come about through a question. So we've joined this 'Ask' bandwagon. We want to engage all stakeholders in co-creating the future."

by Steve Hall    Mar-27-13   Click to Comment   
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