Durex Helps Partners Fondle Each Other Over Webcam


So back in the day, we had AOL chat rooms. Then Yahoo chat rooms. And, youngsters, this was before it was easy to see or send a picture of whomever you were chatting with. You had to use your imagination! Actually, that was usually a much better experience.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-19-13    
Topic: Racy

Evian Babies Are Back!


Remember back in 2009 when BETC came out with Roller Babies for Evian? Well you should. The video, which featured a bunch of babies rocking out on roller skates, garnered upwards of 90 million views.

Now, BETC, along with help from We Are From LA, is out with a bit of a reprise. This time, it's all about getting down with your inner baby and how it's not really a bad thing to "live young" every once in a while.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-19-13    
Topic: Commercials

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