Campaign Compares Belief in Lottery to Stuff That Actually Matters


David&Goliath is out with a new campaign for the California Lottery that compares winning the lottery to believing in -- let's be honest -- far more important things like women's rights, landing on the moon and continuing to surf after a shark has bitten off your arm.

While one may very well wish to believe they will win the lottery and, hence, play it all the time, is it fair to compare that belief to important cultural events and personal achievement?

This campaign was created to combat the fact only 30 percent of Californians having a positive feeling about the Lottery. Well, no shit. No one ever wins. Only strangers in the newspaper win. How can one believe in impossible odds like that?

Which, of course, is why this campaign was created but to compare belief in the lottery to crowning achievements such as the examples used in the campaign is, well, ludicrous and crass.

The TV commercial is pretty cool though! :)

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns   

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