Kaspar's Chef Gets Way Too Excited About Killing Lobster


So there's a fancy hotel in London called The Savoy. And inside The Savoy is a new restaurant called Kaspar's Seafood Bar and Grill. To help promote the new restaurant and its approach, video marketing company PixelRain created a two minute video featuring head chef James Pare.

In the video Pare waxes eloquently about early morning visits to the fish market and how inspirational it is to imagine what he's going to do with that product once it gets to the restaurant.

Wait, what? Hey, it's all well and good for a chef to get all excited by the possibilities fish and lobster bring to the craft but let's be honest. The chef is going to take that fish -- and in the case of lobster, kill it -- cut it up and slap it on a plate for someone to eat.

This video would be great t show at, say, some kind of chef's convention but diners really don't want to be reminded they're eating killed animals for dinner. Not that they have any problem with it but it doesn't need to be shoved in their face.

OK so maybe we're over-reacting but in the end the only thing that really matters to the diner is how the food taste. No one really cares about all this self-important, touchy feely blather.

OK so maybe we're over-reacting...

by Steve Hall    Apr-22-13   Click to Comment   

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