Getty's '85 Seconds' Does For Video What 'Love to Bingo' Did For Images


As a follow up to its beautiful From Love to Bingo which told a story of love in 873 pictures (and has received over 2.6 million views to date), Getty Images is out with 85 Seconds, a video that uses 105 video clips to tell an equally emotional love story.

The video, which tells the story of couple who meet as children, separate after graduation and then reunite as adults, touts the fact Getty has 63,113,983 seconds of video on hand for marketers

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by Steve Hall    May-14-13    
Topic: Video

This Really, Really, Really Bad Ad Wants to 'Go Viral'


We get all sorts of work sent to us here at Adrants from companies looking to get some viral juice. Our army of ridiculously stacked, pleated-plaid miniskirt-wearing interns cull through thousands of submissions every day in search of something that might interest you or serve as a shining example of what the marketing industry is capable of.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-13    
Topic: Viral

'Beardvertising" The Truest Form of Native Advertising


If you've been reading Adrants for any length of time, you've been treated to the various forms of "vertising" that have popped up over the years. It all began with ass-vertising back in 2004 and progressed from there to bra-vertising, yawn-vertising, head-vertising, dog-vertising, forehead advertising, blog-vertising, blood-vertising, adverblogging, invertising, advergaming, chip-vertising, thong-vertising, replace-vertising, bus-vertising, police car advertising and adver-wear.

Now, thanks to Cornett-IMS, we have beard-vertising, a truly native form of advertising. Acknowledging the fact that 55 percent of men the world over have facial hair, the marketing firm views this "untapped advertising real estate" as "the next big trend in advertising.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-13    
Topic: Human

Why Agencies Love to Use Idiots in Their Advertising


BBDO New York has created two new commercial for FedEx to tout the delivery service's new Delivery Manager which allows recipients to specify date, time and place for delivery. To get the idea across, the agency came up with two silly scenarios.

In one, a family decides to take a "staycation" instead of a vacation so it won't miss an important package. In another, a dentist performs work on his front porch to he doesn't miss a package that might have been delivered to his office.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-13    
Topic: Opinion

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Terry Crews 'Births' Freakishly Ripped Baby!


In yet another freakishly wacky Old Spice commercial entitled Baby, Terry Crews can be seen marveling at how Old Spice's new shaving gel is "newer than a fresh pair of socks" ... that talk ... about how Old Spice shaving gel is newer than a new jersey, newer than a new mouse, newer than a new waffle iron, newer than new solar panels ... and newer than ... Terry Crews' son. Say what? Look at that baby! Freaky! And kind of funny.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-13    
Topic: Strange

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