Bowling Alley Uses New York Times Ad Ban For Publicity Grab


Today's tempest in a teacup comes to us courtesy of NYC-based Frames Bowling Lounge which wants to make a big deal out of the fact the New York Times has pulled one of its ad banners because it's too racy.

The ad banner shows a woman lying on a pool table (because, of course, all women do this) along with the copy, "Gentleman, It's Playtime" (because, of course, all men understand hot blonds who lay on pool tables want to have sex).

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by Steve Hall    May-21-13    
Topic: Newspaper

Nutella Has Brain Fart, Sends Cease And Desist to Biggest Fan


You would think that after all these years of highly publicized social media screw ups and popular SXSW panels that highlight such screw ups, brands would finally get the message; Don't be a jackass and alienate your biggest fans.

Sadly, it seems there will always be an idiot in the mix. This time it's Italy-based Ferrero SpA, parent company to Nutella, a hazelnut spread loved by many The brand sent a cease and desist to Sara Rosso, founder of World Nutella Day, a 7-year-old event and organization that is all about the love of Nutella.

Rosso launched World Nutella Day in 2007 to "celebrate Italy's edible treasure with online and offline tributes." The event's Facebook page has 40,000 likes.

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by Steve Hall    May-21-13    
Topic: Brands, Policy, Social, Worst

The Ugly Truth ABout Poop And Pee


This is hilarious! And so welcome. After years of trashing the anti-smoking Truth campaign for its idiotic use of anachronistic quotes from tobacco company executives and Derek Beckles, this new work from Arnold Worldwide made us laugh. Of course, it's 4th grade bathroom humor but no one ever really grows out of that.

Take a look at how Arnold conveys the fact methane is found in dog poop and cigarette smoke and urea (aka carbamide which is an organic chemical compound and the waste produced by the body after metabolizing protein) is found in cat pee and cigarettes. Good stuff.

by Steve Hall    May-21-13    
Topic: Cause, Guerilla

How Star Wars Saved the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra


While we're pretty sure John Williams movie soundtracks wouldn't be classified as classical music by most purists, when you're the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra (OSB) trying to boost attendance before your entire audience dies, bending the rules a a little bit isn't an issue.

Combating the fact most of the OSB's orchestra is over the age of 65, Brazilian agency Artplan shot the OSB playing classic (again. a stretch of the word) movie soundtracks, linked to it from YouTube clips and, as a result, claim to have increased the number of young people attending OSB concerts by 40%. As well as achieving a sell out for the entire season.

Not bad for a little rule bending.

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by Steve Hall    May-21-13    
Topic: Events

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3 Reasons the Red Cross Will Save You From Disastrous Babysitters


As a parent, you no doubt experience pangs of trepidation -- no, horror -- when you leave your children with a babysitter you may not know very well. You wonder if your children will be well cared for, whether they will be fed properly, whether they go to bed on time.

But, if you've ever had any of the three types of babysitters featured in this BBDO Atlanta-created, Tool-produced commercial, your concerns are a bit more serious and you'll want to make sure your next babysitter has take the American Red Cross' Babysitting Basics course before leaving the house.

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by Steve Hall    May-21-13    
Topic: Cause

MINI Goes After Mexican Women Who Apply Makeup While Driving


In Mexico, we are told 22% of car accidents are caused by women. That little stat forms the basis of Publicis Mexico-created ad campaign for MINI which urges women not to apply make up while driving, seemingly the cause of those 22% of accidents.

Before we get into the actual campaign here, let's do a little math. If 22% of all car accidents are caused by women, can one assume 78% are caused by men? Why, then, do we have a campaign that just wreaks of the age old stereotype that women are bad drivers? And why is it assumed the application of makeup is the cause of these accidents?

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by Steve Hall    May-21-13    
Topic: Commercials

Can Big Data Exist Alongside The Big Idea?


The term "big data" has become quite prevalent in the marketing world lately. In a previous Central Desktop article, I examined the notion of big data and how it pertains to how brands and agencies work today. We started with a simple definition of big data.

In our marketing world, big data describes the plethora of information we have accumulated through the monitoring of consumers as they browse, socialize, search and purchase online. Every time a person visits a website, a cookie is dropped within their browser. Every time a person responds to a call-to-action from a landing page, data from the form they filled out is captured.

That's just a small example of big data's makeup. Dan Zarrella, HubSpot's social media scientist, told me a little bit more about the kinds of data that are important to marketers and agencies - and how marketers and agencies should be using that data.


by Steve Hall    May-21-13    
Topic: Agencies

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