Ad Guru's Dispense Inspiration From One Club's Wheel of Karma


Leading up to Creative Week, JWT New York is working with inTacto to launch an interactive game in support of the One Club, enlisting some industry big shots to inspire the next generation of creative talent.

The project's purpose is to increase involvement in the One Show awards, invoke a sense of community among creatives by becoming more informed about their colleagues' work, and inspire the next generation of young creative leaders.

The karma-fueled game invites visitors to visit Wheel of Karma to watch the work of this year's One Show finalists. The game unfolds by spinning a wheel similar to a circular mandala, with each spin giving players a chance to win prizes from the heavens. It's in the vein of the One Show call for entries, which we designed this year, as well as the creative direction and production of the One Show Awards.

In addition to prizes like coffee to fuel late nights, One Show Annuals and tickets to the One Show Awards, we are serving up personal experiences with some of the ad world's most respected creative visionaries and leaders; experiences that are meant to inspire and enrich the young creative community.

by Steve Hall    May- 8-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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