Boombox Breakfast Gives Girl Giant Cereal Facial


This is, by far, the strangest, most disgusting and oddly sexual method ever used to sell cereal. Touting Curiously Cinnamon cereal, Boombox Breakfast features ex-footballer and presenter Chris Kamara pitting Latin lowrider Bobby against Dominica in a crazy game of oral cereal catching.

While Bobby is in his uber-hydraulic lowrider, Dominia is suspended over a large speaker in which Curiously Cinnamon cereal has been placed. As Bobby revs his lowrider, a microphone captures the sound which is then released via the large speaker. The cereal, of course, goes flying all over the place and Dominia is supposed to catch as many pieces in her mouth as she can.

Awkwardly, the whole things ends up looking like she received a giant porn facial. Hey, we just call it like we see it.

by Steve Hall    May-16-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange   

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