Hey Slackers, It's Mother's Day This Weekend!


You remember her, right? The woman who gave birth to you, changed your crap-encrusted diapers, held your hand while you learned to walk, fawned all over you during your first school play, told you you were awesome in that ski race even though you crashed and burned, bolstered your spirits when life's bullshit got you down, constantly asks you what the hell facebook is. Yea, you're mother.

Well don't forget it's Mother's Day this Sunday. Here to help is a video from Google that touts how Google Plus and YouTube can help you you spend the day with mom...without even having to spend it with her. Yea, that's right. Just send her a few videos, maybe some pictures, hop on a Hangout with her and your job is done. Personalization in the digital age. Gotta love it.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Video   

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