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Club Orange's Ultimate Wingman' Eradicates Clingy Ex-Girlfriends


Ah yes. Just what we all need. The ultimate wingman. Born amongst a bevy of orange-picking beauties, this mustachioed master of wingmanliness will help you "unlock the best bits in life." Like delivering a satellite dish and a couple of hotties to an old dude and helping guys deal with clingy ex-girlfriends.

Club Orange is very well know for its use of less than fully clothed women in its ads. While this one employs the strategy, it's quite a bit more tame that the ad they ran in 2012 which was chock full of innuendo and bikini-clad babes talking about their "bits."

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by Steve Hall    May-29-13    
Topic: Racy

Subara Delivers Awkward Skinny Dipping Moment


We like these two new Carmichael Lynch-created commercials for Subara. One awakens a man's inner passion to paint everything he sees. Another enables a couple to, much like Nike, say, "Let's Do That."

Both spots engage in a way unlike most car commercials because, well, they are less about the car and more about what the car (or, let's be honest, any car) enables one to do.

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by Steve Hall    May-29-13    
Topic: Commercials

VW Subtly (Desperately?) Urges Men to Buy Beetle


Over 60% of VW Beetle owners are women, the highest percentage of any vehicle according to TrueCar.com. In an effort to man-up the Beetle, VW redesigned it last year basically dropping a gigantic weight on top of the vehicle to squash it into a more lean and mean looking vehicle.

A new ad for the convertible version of the Beetle created by Deutsch subtly drives home the point they'd really like more men to buy their car. In the spot, a young woman is awoken by her boyfriend at the window on a beautiful sunny day. They drive around a small town that they seem to have to themselves, except for a lone caribou. It's shot all fuzzy-like with soothing music so as to, perhaps, entice women into begging their boyfriend's to buy the car.

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by Steve Hall    May-29-13    
Topic: Commercials

Activision's Destiny Delivers Post-Apocalyptic Death and Destruction


72andSunny worked with Activision to create a teaser for the brand's new game, Destiny. The live-action and CG trailer was directed by Jon Favreau and stars actor Giancarlo Esposito (of Breaking Bad and Revolution fame). The story follows a Guardian of the City as he sets out on a journey to reclaim the solar system. And on this journey, he recalls the moment he was taught the most important lesson of all - The Law of the Jungle.

Hmm. Yet another video game that's all about murder and mayhem. Is it any wonder humans are so quick to pick up the gun when they have a dispute to settle?

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by Steve Hall    May-29-13    
Topic: Games

AMC's The Pitch Returns to Further Embarrass Ad Biz


While we are loathe to even mention the fact AMC's The Pitch will be back for a second season of foolishness, we also know that your desire for schadenfruede outweighs your desire to take the higher moral ground.

And so, tune in August 15 at 10pm to watch 16 agencies duke it out for the likes of 1-800-Flowers, Fuller Brush Company (still in business???), Gibson Guitar and, yes, College Hunks Hauling Junk.

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by Steve Hall    May-28-13    
Topic: Television

Maurice Levy Wants Your Cannes Lions Vote


Following the Cannes Lions announcement the organization would live stream one sessions per day, it didn't take long for agencies to begin begging for votes so that their session would be the chosen one to stream.

Publicis Groupe head honcho Maurice Levy will be sitting down with Heineken CEO and Chairman of the Board Jean-Francois Van Boxmeer (damn, does that sound pretentious!) to discuss, well, beer and other fun stuff. The pair will be joined by Heineken Global CMO Alexis Nasard.

Today, we received am email urging us to VOTE NOW for the panel. If you are so inclined, you can do that here.

by Steve Hall    May-28-13    
Topic: Industry Events

Baby Loves Stanton Optical Commercial


So from time to time we get sucked into YouTube, forget why we went there in the first place and stumble upon odd content like this 2011 commercial for Stanton Optical. Actually, it's not really a commercial at all. Rather, it's a video of a baby watching a Stanton Optical commercial.

We all know there are commercials out there that people love and while babies can be easily amused by just about anything, it's still funny to see a baby get worked up simply from watching a pretty basic commercial yet a commercial CEO Daniel Stanton dubs "unconventional" and the eyeglass store's secret to success.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming now.

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by Steve Hall    May-28-13    
Topic: Commercials

Is Product Development the Holy Grail of Agency Survival?


For the past several years or so, it's become fashionable for advertising agencies to dedicate a portion of their time to product development. Some do it for clients. Others do it all on their own. The poster child in this space is Nike FuelBand, a fitness product co-created with the brand's advertising agency RG/A. It was, and is, a runaway success.

Other agencies have dabbled with product creation. Crispin Porter + Bogusky developed a line of premium rum, Papa's Pilar. Deutsch LA, which has a program dedicated to entrepreneurial pursuits, created a floral delivery service, Bouqs, and an independent film entitled Between Us. Boston-based MMB launched a line of environmentally friendly children's clothing that donated proceeds to animal shelter charities. And Anomaly worked with outside consultant The Kind Group to create a line of skin-care products, Eos, currently being sold at Target.

All well and good - but why would an agency dedicate resources usually reserved for serving client business to product development?


by Steve Hall    May-28-13    
Topic: Agencies, Opinion

Fake Energy Drink Promotes Ibiza Nightclub Party


When you first begin watching this promotional video for Matinee, an epic party held at famed Ibiza nightclub Amnesia, you aren't really quite sure what's happening. At first, it appears you are watching a video game promo. Then it appears you are watching an ad for the energy drink, Ibizious. Then, when the scene zooms out and you realize everything you have just seen occurred inside the shorts of some hot chick, you just toss your hands up and go along for the ride.

Once you're outside the hot chick's pants, the whole things becomes an epic ode to the 90's complete with Thriller's zombie dancers, guys in muscle shirts, girls in high waisted shorts, all fueled by pulse pounding electronica.

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by Steve Hall    May-28-13    
Topic: Racy, Video

Not All Dollar Shave Club Rip Offs Are Funny


While this Pure Storage video follows Dollar Shave Club fairly closely, it's really two minutes of waiting for something that's actually funny to happen. Sadly, it never really happens. Which doesn't necessarily make it bad. It's just not as good as it could be. Capiche?

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by Steve Hall    May-24-13    
Topic: Video

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