That JCPenney 'Hitler' Billboard Says 'Hitler' in the Copy


Now this is interesting. You may have heard about that JCPenney billboard in Culver City that sparked debate because the visual of a tea kettle looked like Hitler. Now, it seems, even more Hitler has been found on the board. A copywriter who publishes the VerdantMug Tumblr noticed that within the billboard's copy, Hitler's name -- in order -- is spelled out.

Is this like that sick joke where some art director placed some phallic symbol on the cover of a Disney video? Or is it just an odd coincidence? We may never know.

Prior to this latest discovery and following the news the image looked like Hitler, JCPEnney pulled the billboard and has said any resemblance is "unintentional." The retailer has also remove the teapot from its online store.

Of course, some think the kerfuffle is just that; an over blowen reaction to an innocuous teapot. On JCPenney's Facebook page, a woman named Leigh Anne posted, "People are so stupid! That teapot doesn't look like Hitler anymore than I do."

In pere-internet days, this would probably have blown over unnoticed. Now, of course, all it takes is a few people to publicly post their thoughts which results in the lemming-like behavior of everyone else, including the the media, to jump on the bandwagon.

Though we have to admit, discovering the word Hitler within the copy does call into question whether or not the billboard's creators had any clandestine thoughts when they concepted the board.


by Steve Hall    May-31-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor   

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