Why You Should Attend INBOUND 2013 in Boston This Summer


You can decide whether this is a commercial announcement (no one paid us to write this) or valuable industry information (no one asked us to write this). Or maybe it's both (we contribute to the HubSpot blog). All we know is that HubSpot's INBOUND 2013 conference is taking place in Boston this summer, August 19-22 and it's most certainly an event you should attend.

Why? Because as a smart marketer or agency exec, you really need to learn about inbound marketing. What is inbound marketing? Take a gander at the chart below.


Basically, inbound marketing is all about making it easy for your customers to find you. And it's all about gracefully converting prospect into customers and then into brand advocates.

It involves the creation of content that is educational, informative and answers your prospect's questions. That content is then used to cultivate and generate leads through marketing offers (e.g. ebooks, webinars, whitepapers, etc.). Content in marketing also includes the use of email marketing to offer additional information to leads with the aim of moving them down the purchase funnel, as well as the creation of landing pages on which products can be promoted with calls-to-action offers, and the use of social media which can further disseminate content.

Additionally, the use of content extends to many other marketing methods like search engine optimization , lead management , and marketing automation . For the most part, it all starts with content. Content that is informative, educational, and relevant, but also -- and this is most important -- content that is ultimately designed to sell something.

And the beautiful thing about iInbound marketing is that it sidesteps buyers' advertising blinders because it isn't car dealer-style advertising that no one wants to see. Instead, inbound marketing offers information that was sought after and found to be valuable to the consumer.

Sold? Not yet? Check out this Slideshare that shares 13 reasons why INBOUND 2013 is Boston's can't-miss event.

OK, ready to register? Do so below:

inbound registration cta

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