Wait, What? Lionel Richie Is In My Refrigerator?


We love when marketers smartly connect with pop icons from the past. But this connection between Tap King and Lionel Richie is one of the most pitch perfect endorsement deals we have ever witnessed.

In a BMF Sydney-created :60, a man peers into his refrigerator in search of something, anything to quench his yearnings but, as is very often the case when one opens the refrigerator, he finds nothing. That is until he begins to hear a piano.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Colonial Women Strip, Search Spend Up on Tablets


- Colonial women tear their clothing off when they hear the Italians are coming instead of the British.

- New research from cloud-based tech company IgnitionOne found year over year paid search spend for tablets and smartphones is up 116% and 106%, respectively, in the US.

- It's not just people who are excited with todays Supereme Court decision regarding DOMA. Brands are getting in on the action too.

- Peter Sherman, formerly EVP Managing Director at BBDO Europe, has been appointed CEO of JWT New York

by Steve Hall    Jun-26-13    
Topic: Video

Apple States Its Intentions With 'Intention'


Continuing its quest to proudly tout the fact everything it does is Designed by Apple in California, the brand is out with a TBWA-created animation entitled "Intention." The work speaks to Apple's intention to perfect things versus just make them.

Designed by Apple in California an intriguing effort that shifts focus away from people's fixation with where something is manufactured to where it's designed. While brands will always seek out the lowest possible costs to make their products, they're less likely to outsource the design of those products.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-13    
Topic: Brands

Tweens Have Significant Influence Over Household Spending


A Cassandra Report infographic sheds some light on the characteristics of tweens. Unsurprisingly, 74% of the little brats would rather not work for "them man," 56% are impatient and want instant gratification and 59% want a product customized to their needs.

But of most importance to marketers is the fact they have influence of household spending. Make no mistake, parents are still the boss but 55% of tweens influence what movie to see, 29% influence what's purchased at the grocery store, 26% express preference for personal care products, 27% voice their desires regarding family vacations and 23% influence what technology is purchased for the household.

Now if only 100% washed their hands before they ate, didn't sulk every time a member of the opposite sex decides choose different friends, emptied the dishwasher on command and hung the towel up after taking a shower, life would be grand.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-13    
Topic: Research

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Smart Car Brings Honesty Back to Advertising


While it's understood honesty is most always the best policy, sometime marketers don't exactly adhere to that tenet. Many like to gloss over facts, stretch the truth and generally place a shiny bow atop even the most questionable brand promise. Which, of course, over the years, has cause consumers to view the advertising industry much the same way they view car dealers, personal injury lawyers, politicians and real estate agents.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-13    
Topic: Commercials

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