Baby's Penis Fears Yawning Mohel


Red Urban -- in collaboration with Untitled Films and Rooster Post -- has launched a new campaign for Toronto-based 23 Degrees Roastery which highlights a few awkward moments which resulted from people forgetting their morning cup of coffee.

Three online spots show coffee-deprived individuals yawning at very inappropriate times. In one spot, exhaustion prevents a doctor from delivering some terrible news in a sensitive manner. In another, a bomb squad lets the clock run out as their yawns become contagious. In the third, an overly sleepy Mohel about to perform a circumcision doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the baby's family. The spots end with an appeal from 23 Degrees: "Please don't forget your coffee."

Supporting the online spots are radio ads poking fun at tired police officers, morning talk show hosts, and cheating spouses.

Of the appraoch, Red Urban Creative Director Christina Yu said, Coffee is a really cluttered category, which makes it especially important to create standout work. The roastery world takes itself fairly seriously, so we saw an opportunity to flip that and create something a little more irreverent than we're used to seeing in this category."

Different, yes. But we're not sure anything will really top the classic Tasters Choice campaign.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns   

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