Geico's Caveman Gets A Job At Vonage


JWT New York is out with new work for Vonage which dumps testimonials in favor of a new spokesperson. Perhaps doing Geico a favor and giving the caveman a new job -- OK, OK, it's not the caveman -- JWT has introduced a street character who rants about phone companies "living in the stone age" and foisting "barbaric pricing models" on an unsuspecting public.

Our caveman -- OK, OK, let's call him Homeless Man -- is seen by, presumably, a Vonage executive and and Grumpy Cat's newfound fame...becomes the brand's Chief Generosity Officer. And he's all about being crazy generous.

JWT won the Vonage account earlier this year besting TBWA\Chiat\Day.

Of the new direction, Vonage CMO Barbara Goodstein said, "This is an approach that resonates within Vonage because we are very grounded in generosity. We are very focused on volunteerism. We found or saw our own passion for the topic during Hurricane Sandy when hundreds of people within Vonage started volunteering to help restore the shore. And it seemed like a very rational, appropriate approach for us."

The new campaign will also feature Vonage's Chief Generosity Officer on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-13   Click to Comment   
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