Google Introduces Extension Enabling Brands to Add Images to Search Ads


Google, today, announce the beta launch of an extension that will allow businesses to add images alongside AdWords search ads. Up until now, Google's search ads have been text only.

Noting that one in sex searches on Google provide results with images, the search giant concludes people want a richer experience and images will do just that. However, the beauty of Google has always been its bare bones simplicity.

While it would seem images could clutter the simplicity of Google search result ads, it does not seem the site will be overrun with silly marketing imagery. On the Inside AdWords blog today, Ad Formats Product Manager Awaneesh Verma wrote, "Image extensions will show in some cases when we determine that a search is likely for visual content. For example, it is more likely that your image extensions will show for a query like luxury car designs than locations of nearby car dealerships."

Image extensions are only running in English. Brands interested in checking out the option can contact their account manager or fill out this form.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 5-13   Click to Comment   
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