Here's A Really, Really, Really, Really Bad DollarShaveClub Knock Off


Since this is student work, we suppose we can cut Virtusize some slack. Virtusize, an online virtual fitting solution, teamed with Hyper Island ad students to create a video that hypes the Virtusize online fitting solution for retailers.

Of the work, Virtusize Co-Founder and Creative Director said, "As a young start-up company it has been inspiring and fun to work with talented students from Hyper Island. It has been a creative process during the course of 6 weeks and we're happy with the result. I hope the video will make people understand the beauty of virtual fitting and put a smile on many faces."

Of the work, we say, "Hiring students to do real work is a great way to educate and prepare budding creatives for the real world. But for God's sake, when you notice the concept is a knock off of work that's already been spoofed over and over and over ad naseum, as the grownup, Hyper Island, it's your job to suggest that maybe, just maybe the students go in another creative direction."

by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-13   Click to Comment   
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