Not Everyone Knows Geico Rocks Car Insurance


Today, Geico launches a new ad campaign that reminds us just how familiar we have become with the brand's tagline, "Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen minutes or more on car insurance." And they are having a bit of fun with the few who haven't yet embedded it in their psyche.

In each of two ads, a person recites the line and another responds, "Everybody knows that" which causes the first person -- feeling slightly off-put -- to cite yet another insightful (and quite silly) fact.

In response to her husband, a wife, looking bewildered, responds, "Well, did you know that some owls aren't that wise?" We then see two owls carrying on a discussion during which one owl is, in fact, not that wise.

In a second ad, a co-worker responds, "Well, did you know that Old MacDonald was a really bad speller?" We then, of course, see Old MacDonald himself screwing up a word no farmer should ever have difficulty with.

No doubt, we will see many other similar scenarios play out as the campaign progresses much is the same way we have seen with the quite brilliant "Happier Than" campaign.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns   

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