Purina Adds Dogs to Rube Goldberg Ad Meme


Taking a page out of the Honda Cog playbook -- which took a page out of the Rube Goldberg playbook -- Purina, with help from Deep Focus, released new work that has dogs partaking in an intricately staged feeding session.

It's one thing to get multiple machines to perform in perfect Rube Goldberg harmony. It's quite another when you add the unpredictability of animals. But Deep Focus achieved admirable -- if not delightfully cute -- success with this impressive work for Purina.

Who knows if that last tennis ball had help reaching the dominos and who cares? It's a wonderful piece of work and who doesn't love a good dog trick video? Clearly a few do as the video, released July 2, has been viewed 1,722,534 times on YouTube.

by Steve Hall    Jul-15-13   Click to Comment   

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