Sailor Brinkley Does Claire's, Honda Responds Via Vine


- Christie Brinkley's daughter, Sailor, will appear in her first ever ad campaign at the age of 15 for Claire's.

- Apparel company Primitive has gathered together the hotness of all its models; Christine Mendoza, Alexis Lopez, Justene Jaro and Rosanna Castillio, among others, under the Twitter and Instagram hashtag #primitiveladies.

- Digiday takes a look at why so many media planners are women.

- Working with RPA, Honda, basically copying the Old Spice Response Video campaign, launched a campaign that would respond to people who tweeted why they want a new car with the hastag #wantnewcar

- How Carlsberg beer became so awesome.

- Gatorade makes it easy to do it one more time.

- Here's that "blowjob" ad.

by Steve Hall    Jul-16-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity   

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