Footlockers 'Endorser' Proves NBAer Blake Griffin Really Does Love His Jordans


We've all become very used to celebrities and sports figures endorsing everything under the sun. We've also become very used to the fact these celebrities and sports figures get paid millions to say great things about the brands they endorse. But when so much money is at stake, how do we really know if any of these celebrities or sports figures actually mean what they say? After all, most people would say anything you told them to if you gave them a few million dollars, right?

Footlocker wants to insure that its spokesperson, NBS player Blake Griffin really means what he says when he talks about how awesome Footlocker is and how the brand helps make him look his best. So, with help from BBDO New York, the retailer gives us a behind the scenes look at Griffin endorsing Footlocker.

OK, now we get it. Now we understand why celebrities and sports figures utter the branded nonsense they so often do in commercials. Blame it on The Endorser.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity   

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