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Why Content Marketing is Just One Small Part of Inbound Marketing


As HubSpot hosts its INBOUND conference this week, inbound marketing is taking center stage. Though as big and as popular as this conference -- and its focus, inbound marketing -- has become, there still seems to be a debate over whether or not the term inbound marketing is the same as another term used to describe a similar process, content marketing.

Writing on the Covario blog, Russ Mann argues content marketing is the more encompassing term of the two. He suggests inbound marketing is limited to earned (we would argue owned) media strategies that are designed to drive traffic and conversions to a marketer's website whereas content marketing places its emphasis on content creation, spreading that content far and wide without necessarily focusing on traffic and leads.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-21-13    
Topic: Opinion, Social

Women Drool For Huge Celebrity Packages in Benefit Cosmetics Ad


In a new Benefit Cosmetics video entitled Real Men Don't Fake It, a collection of men proudly flaunt their packages for the ladies. And while each of the men proudly flaunt their bulging manhood, the ladies become increasingly eager. Except what they are eager for is something entirely other than what you might expect.

As the women ogle the men's packages -- which seem to grow in size as the video progresses -- the men reach into their pants as if to offer up their porn star-sized members to the excited ladies. Except what they ultimately offer is humorous commentary on what women truly find exciting.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-21-13    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Racy, Video

How Marketing Automation Can Improve Your Brand's ROI


Does marketing automation sound like something Honda does when it whips out its ASIMO robot at trade shows? While that certainly might be some form of marketing automation, it's not the kind or marketing automation we're talking about. Today's fastest growing brands are using marketing automation-fueled, repeatable marketing and sales 2.0 techniques to grow revenue predictably and reliably.

This whitepaper from Marketo will teach you why companies that implement a marketing automation system to support their marketing and sales efforts are better equipped to manage lead flow and process leads more efficiently. This paper outlines how marketing automation optimizes marketing programs and can help companies:

Download the whitepaper now to learn how marketing automation can improve your brand's performance.

by Steve Hall    Aug-20-13    
Topic: Research

Dayton Ohio's Perennial Political Candidate David Esrati Installs Basketball Nets Across City in Mayoral Bid


David Esrati has been running for political office in Dayton Ohio for 20 years. He has never been elected. Perhaps being arrested for disrupting a public meeting while wearing a ninja mask might have something to do with his failed bids.

Currently, Esrati is running for Dayton City Commission and has launched a unique campaign to support his bid. Rather than placing yard signs all over the roadsides of Dayton, Esrati decided to do something a bit more helpful to the community. He bought several hundred basketball nets (which costs less than yard signs) and installed them himself on some of the city's run down, uncared for basketball courts.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-19-13    
Topic: Political

All You Need is A Cute Baby And Your Commercial Will Be Awesome!


While some might say it's lazy to grab a baby, stick a mustache on him and have him chase a vacuum cleaner around his house in a roller cart, we say stop over analyzing and just laugh your ass off because that's what you'll do when you view this Samsung Motor Sync vacuum cleaner ad which touts an easy-to-manuever, swivel-style vacuum cleaner.

Add Samsung to the ever-growing list of brands (Evian, eTrade, etc.) digging on babies.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-19-13    
Topic: Commercials

Murray Newlands, Bruce Clay to Launch Content Marketing Book


In the past we've written about the increasing popularity of content marketing and its benefits, like the fact that it typically costs over 60% less than traditional marketing. And, as pointed out in the comments by reader Rhona Wilkins, "Content style ad formats are already replacing typical banner ads. Orgs like Outbrain, Adblade, Google, Kontera and others have changed how ads look. "

As content marketing rises in popularity, much has been written about the practice and there is no shortage of books on the subject. One such yet-to-be-published book is being authored by Bruce Clay and Murray Newlands.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-18-13    
Topic: Publishing

Stephen Curry Saves James Harden From Career Suicide in Footlocker Ad


Working with BBDO New York, Footlocker is out with a new commercial entitled Harden Soul featuring NBA players James Harden and Stephen Curry. In the ad, Harden wants to branch out by cutting a new R&B single in the studio. Thankfully, Curry arrives and saves Harden from embarrassment who when he hears himself, utters, "Is...is that me?"

Somewhere in there is a message about Footlocker having "all the fresh, new gear."

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-13    
Topic: Commercials

Mastheading to Provide Agencies and Brands Custom Content Creation Services


Mastheading, an offering whose name oddly harkens the pilfering and plundering of the at-one-point sacrosanct editorial institution, launched yesterday as a turnkey solution for agencies and brands seeking custom content. Mastheading provides an affordable solution for streamlined content creation. All for just $15,000 a month. With a 6 month minimum commitment.

The new company is a joint venture of Knock Twice, a content strategy and PR agency, and GMD Studios, an innovation and experience design firm.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-13    
Topic: Publishing

This Bed Delivers an Erection of Another Kind


Certain things happen in bed. Sometimes they happen with a partner in bed and sometimes they happen when you are alone in bed. Sometimes these things involve sleep. Other times they involves, well, things other than sleep. But, at some point, these things have to stop and you actually have to get out of your bed in order to start your day. Alas, some people have great difficult with this.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-13    
Topic: Video

Coke Social Robot Shares Hot, Half-Dressed Israelis With Homebound Teens


To make sure every teen in Israel was able to experience its annual Coca-Cola Summer Love festival, the brand, with help from Israeli agency gTeam, created the Coke Social Robot. Controlled by users at home, the robot helped those who couldn't make it to the event join the fun.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-13    
Topic: Brands, Outdoor, Racy, Specialty

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