Jenny Craig Dieters Confuse Mariah Carey With Jennifer Hudson


When Leesa Eichberger took the CMO role at Jenny Craig several months ago, she said the dieting space is a sea of sameness. Which was born out by the fact many Jenny Craig customers though Jennifer Hudson was the brand's spokesperson when, in fact, it was Mariah Carey.

No brand wants confusion when it comes to customers and prospects recalling its brand or brand messaging. Though, apparently, that's what was happening with Jenny Craig. So in a move to eliminate confusing, Eichberger says we won't be seeing Mariah Carey, or any celebrities for the matter, in the brand's advertising.

Today, the brand has launched a new celebrity-free campaign created by Havas New York that will center on the program features and benefits rather than "I can do it so you can too" celebrity approach many other wight loss brands have chosen.

The new ad, Welcome to Jenny Craig, is rather dull and, as expected with a features and benefits approach, comes off as an endless litany of category sameness like no calorie counting, great food choices, one on one support and flexible plans that "fit your life." The ad does nothing to set it apart from the competition.

Which is why Eichberger, true to new CMO form, has launched an agency review. Havas, which was brought in on a project basis for this ad, will participate in the review.

While Jenny Craig celebrity spokesperson Mariah Carey, Valerie Bertinelli and Jason Alexander will not be sen in future advertising, they are not disappearing completely. Eichberger tells Ad Age, "Our celebrity ambassadors are great partners. But I just don't think they can be the core of our message."

by Steve Hall    Aug-12-13   Click to Comment   
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