WTF? Jean-Claude Van Damme Fronts New GoDaddy Campaign!


When we last wrote about GoDaddy, it was to report they had taken a new direction with several Deutsch-created commercials that, while they didn't completely leave behind the salaciously prurient approach to marketing, they did, at least, focus on the substance behind the service.

This week, the brand is taking another step away from it formerly sexed-up, raunchy and, let's be honest, childish ways (hmm...perhaps they finally took our advice) with an ad featuring none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yea, you read that right. The B-movie legend can be seen in "The Baker" which debuted during last night's NFL season opener on NBC.

Of the shift, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving said,"This is the radical shift we knew we had to make and it's more than just marketing. A brand is a promise to our customers and a commitment to understand their needs. Our mission is to 'fight the good fight for the go getter' ... the small business owner ... or anyone who labors for the love of it and wants the benefits of the latest technology without having to be an expert."

Long time CMO Barb Rechterman added,"This is definitely different for us, but you'll see we still have a sense of humor. We think Jean-Claude is hilarious. 'The muscles from Brussels' certainly helps make the commercial memorable, but the story also illustrates the struggles and time constraints many small business owners face every day. Our job is 'to be there' for these small business owners who want to attract more customers with beautiful websites that are easy to create and affordable to maintain."

In the ad, which is, by far, one of the strangest we have ever seen, Van Damme can be seen in various acrobatic poses playing the bongos, shaking maracas and playing the pipes. His antics represent the motivation and support GoDaddy can bring to small businesses.

Part of this new approach also includes a site redesign. The brand has launched a simplified website with a minimal design, a more intuitive interface and a streamlined checkout process. It has also re-built its Website Builder product which allows people to quickly create a website.

It would appear Bob Parsons has been put out to pasture.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 6-13   Click to Comment   
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