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This Cliff Diving Stunt Proves Red Bull Has A Woody For Heights


OK so it's not the same as jumping out of a capsule in space 120,000 feet above the ground but it's cool all the same. And, perhaps, even more exciting because these jumpers don't have a parachute to slow their fall.

Red Bull, again displaying its apparent fixation with heights, has released a stop motion film made from 21,489 photos taken by three Instagrammers over the course of three hours. What did these Instagrammers shoot? Proferssional divers leaping off a 27 meter high platform into the Blue Lagoon in Wales.

@danrubin, @jeera and @chaiwalla were the photographers for the day and it was all done to promote...wait, what? Nothing? You mean a brand sees value is producing interesting content for the enjoyment of consumers? Who knew? Stop the presses! This is radical stuff!

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 7-13    
Topic: Events

7 Responsive Design Tips For Your Next Website Project

Using insight from industry experts and in-depth research data, this eBook from Bridgeline Digital, "Seven Reasons to Consider Responsive Design for Your Company's Next Generation Website," explores the advantages of using responsive design to take your web presence into the mobile era. Responsive design is a fancy term to describe a site layout that works on all devices seamlessly. You create the site once and the layout adapts to and renders properly on different screen sizes. An extremely important consideration given the dramatic increase in usage of mobile devices to access the web.

Download the whitepaper now and make sure your website is appropriately designed for mobile devices.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-13    
Topic: Research

McCann Turns Scooter Ride Into Epic Journey of the Senses


We're not usually fans of pumped-up, over-the-top, bombastically bravado-laden, too-cool-for-school advertising work but we d like this new work from McCann Worldgroup for Honda's SH Mode 125 scooter that turns a simple scooter ride into an epic adventure of the senses.

From raindrops on the face to sun on the cheek to the brilliance of flowers to an explosion of color to time with friends on the beach, this must be a really good commercial.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-13    
Topic: Video

Perhaps the Strangest Underwear Ads You Will Ever See


It's pretty much become the cultural norm for a marketer to discuss just about anything they want in their advertising. So it comes as no surprise for conservative undie brand Fruit of the Loom to chat about "panties creeping upstairs" and "calibrating nuts" to sell some of the most basic underwear known to mankind.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-13    
Topic: Commercials

Miss Alabama Practically Has An Orgasm While Eating This Carl's Jr. Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger


Someone over at Carl's Jr. has a real fetish for hot women wearing heels, pleated miniskirts, cami tops, bikinis and all kinds of other hottie-wear while getting messy eating a fat, juicy burger. In this case, the hot woman is Miss Alabama Katherine Webb who, like every hottie before her, can't seem to eat a burger without spilling it all over herself and sweating her ass off while doing so.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-13    
Topic: Racy

Denny's Gives 'The Hobbit' Fanatics A Chance to See World Premiere


Denny's has renewed its partnership with Warner Brothers to bring even more Middle-earth to Denny's fans with a marketing tie in to the upcoming New Line Cinema/MGM film, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug." To celebrate the movie, Denny's is inviting Hobbit fans to showcase their dedication in "The Search for Middle-earth's Greatest Fan" contest for the chance to win an exclusive trip to the movie's world premiere screening.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-13    
Topic: Video

Is Influencer Marketing Dead? What Will Replace It?


There's been a lot of talk about social media influence and its role in the new consumer decision journey. Big brands are not only buying into the concept of leveraging people with influence, but are spending serious money. From Polaroid actually hiring Lady Gaga to a study showing that the majority of marketers are allocating budget to influencer marketing, it's clear that companies are keen on figuring out how to leverage "influencers."

But what many brand marketers don't realize is that influence doesn't matter unless the influencer is willing to endorse your brand and its products. Jay-Z won't promote your phone charger unless you pay him (a lot) and bloggers are starting to demand the same.

Moreover, brands don't trust social scoring tools anymore, as they only measure potential influence.

So what's a brand to do?

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 1-13    
Topic: Opinion, Research, Social

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