We Blame Our Dislike of This M&C Saatchi Campaign on Blackfish


Well this is kind of a stretch. In an effort to convince us life can be so much better if you can get a handle on what you need to do to insure you will be able to retire comfortably, Swedish pension company SPP handed a starving musician an audience.

Now, we have nothing against starving musicians making it in the brutally difficult world of commercial music and the notion of a corporation helping an individual achieve success is laudable but corporations can't do this for every single individual.

Yea, we get that this is a metaphor for a financial services company offering products that can help an individual do what they need to do to ensure a better retirement but can one financial services company really give every individual their big break? Oh it'd be awesome if they could but it's just not possible.

That said, it's a nice story and M&C Saatchi Stockholm did a nice job crafting it. And if it were possible for everyone to find success this way (or any way), we'd be all over it. But all this does is create an even greater chasm between the haves and the have nots; the lucky and the unlucky; the blessed and the unblessed.

Yes, it's Monday morning. It's cloudy. It's cold. Blackfish shattered our warm, tender memories of SeaWorld. And we're just plain grumpy.

Sorry, M&C Saatchi.

by Steve Hall    Oct-28-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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