Advertising People Love Bourbon, Porn And Muting Ads


Lowe Roche took it upon themselves to dig into the likes of advertising types. What did they come up with? Advertising people drink nine times more bourbon then the average person and they watch porn 1.7 times as much. Booze and porn. Yea, they pretty much sums up the ad world, doesn't it?

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-13    
Topic: Agencies

How Video Can Increase Conversion Rates


Since the advent of YouTube, and even before, online video has become (or most certainly should become) an integral component of every marketer's tool kit. Why? Because people are visual, they like to be entertained and when they want the answer to a question, they don't want to work too hard to get it. Video delivers on all three fronts.

Check out video usage stats from comScore, eMarketer and Internet Retailer and six ways you use video on your brand's site to improve ROI here.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-13    
Topic: Research, Video

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