Only Barbarian Group Could Make Intermodal Transportation Look This Cool


Intermodal transportation. Perhaps you've heard of it. More likely, you haven't. But you know exactly what it is. It's a shipping system that uses those big containers you see at various seaports that make their way from ship to shore to truck to train carrying contents that, ultimately, end up in your home. Like washing machines, jeans, beverages, light bulbs, refrigerators, computers and basically, well, most everything.

It's called intermodal because the same container can be placed on a truck, a ship or a train. It's a great way, and the main way, most everything makes its way around the world. It's both mundane and really cool at the same time. Mundane in the sense that who really cares how my sweater travels from some factory in China to my closet in New York. Then again, just how the hell does my seater get from China to my closet without falling into the ocean or ending up ion the side of the highway?

Barbarian Group has given life to this "boring" mode of transportation for GE touting the brand's trip optimizer system which helps all those containers move smoothly across the globe.

Working with British rocker Rueben Wu who captured organic terminal sounds at the CSX Intermodal Terminal in North Baltimore, the agency deftly crafted a branded video that's actually interesting to watch...and listen to.

by Steve Hall    Dec-12-13   Click to Comment   
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