This Law Firm Allowed Its Ad Agency be Creative...And Got Great Work


Finally! A law firm ad that gets out of the conference room and actually shows some creativity. Working with Grey's Hispanic agency, Wing, the Law Offices of Esteban Gergely, is out with a campaign that touches upon the common online practice opf attempting to erase one's history when things don't go so well in real life.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-16-14    
Topic: Video

Barton F. Graf 9000 Masters the Non-Sequitur For Little Caesers


We love Barton F. Graf 9000's current for for Little Caesars. Why? Because it's so off the wall and the scenarios are so random. It's most recent commercial, a couple of guys get swallowed up by giant bean bag chairs when all they want to do is go get a $5 pizza.

It's not as awesome as the High 85 but we still love its randomness.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-16-14    
Topic: Commercials

Grandma Gets Dildo For Birthday...And Other Awkward Gifts


For UK-based online retailer, Red5, RKCR/Y&R has created a campaign that highlights those awkward moments when your loved on opens a present and it's not quite what they expected. The message, of course, is that had the gift givers only used Red 5, they would have found a gift their loved one would love.

That or a dose of common sense. Nothing like a campaign that screams, "Hey, you're an idiot but we want you as our customer!" We suppose you could argue it's a schadenfruede approach to things which, of course, makes it a perfectly acceptable campaign, right?

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by Steve Hall    Jan-16-14    
Topic: Campaigns

Brand Advocacy: Fact or Fiction?


No marketer, brand manager, marketing automation professional or even an advocacy marketing exec would look you in the eye and tell you that they've got a no-fail brand advocacy marketing strategy. The development of brand advocacy marketing is still in its infancy, though there is a set of variables generally agreed upon as necessary for success. If marketing was foolproof, Coca Cola would never have spent millions to market New Coke back in the 80s. Walgreens would have immediately rejected the offer to carry Barack Obama Chia Pets on its shelves.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-16-14    

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