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Gun Safety PSA Says It's the Right to Bear Arms, Not the Right to Be A Dumbass


Evolve, a non profit gun safety organization founded by Jon Bond and his wife Rebecca, is out with its first PSA. Entitled The Bill of Rights for Dumbasses, the PSA takes a satirical look at your founding fathers reviewing the Bill of Rights.

In reviewing the second amendment, the Thomas Jefferson character says the second amendment is too long and the phrase "as long people aren't being dumbasses about it" isn't needed because it should be a given.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-18-14    
Topic: Cause

Is This Double Entendre-Laden T-Fal Iron Ad Sexist?


It's almost like there was an air of "quit your bitchin' and get back in the kitchen" hovering over the creative team at Toronto-based Faren that came up with this T-fal iron ad. In the ad, two women neighbors have a conversation using steam signals from their irons.

While there's nothing sexist about two women gossiping about a date one of the women had the previous night but does placing them in a very homemaker-like scenario make it so? Especially when the conversation is all about how rich the woman's date was and all these women seem to do is stay home and iron?

So which is it? 1950's housewives or mountain out of a mole hill?

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by Steve Hall    Feb-17-14    
Topic: Trends and Culture

This Bee Wants to be Your Honey on Valentine's Day


To promote its all natural lip products on Valentine's Day, Burt's Bees is out with an animated :15 Instagram, created by Raliegh-based Baldwin&.

In a mix of live action and stop motion animation, a handmade paper bumblebee buzzes around a heart-shaped, party balloon flower printed with "Pop Here." When the bee does what bees do, out bursts a shower of petals and Burt's Bees products. The petals form the message, "Give your lips a natural pop of color this Valentine's Day."


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by Steve Hall    Feb-14-14    
Topic: Social

This Agency Offers Up Its Employees For Valentine's Day Love Connection


Meg has a big smile. Meg looks really happy. Meg likes to drink really big Cosmopolitans. Meg has (we think) red hair. Meg dreams of running a factory in Allentown. Wait, what?

Well, at least that's what her mini bio says on Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners' Ranch Love, a site on which anyone can answer a few questions and get matched with someone at the agency. We ended up with Meg. We sent her a nice Valentine's Day wish. Maybe she'll reply. Maybe she won't.

Either way, Happy Valentine's Day, Meg!

by Steve Hall    Feb-14-14    
Topic: Agencies

4 Reasons Programmatic Buying is Effective


Media Buying has grown tremendously in the past few years. As the ecosystem continues to expand, systems are becoming even more complex and difficult to understand for both agencies and advertisers.

In the not so distant past, media purchasing would take place between buyer and publisher until, ad networks came on scene which opened floodgates to mass inventory buying. Once marketers learned they could purchased bulk inventory through aggregators - real-time ad exchanges entered the arena, acting much like the financial markets, trading remnant impressions that publishers couldn't sell directly through in house sales teams.

This has ultimately led to automated or programmatic media buying - the large scale automation of inventory purchasing using real-time systems, machine based transactions and algorithmic intelligence.

So why exactly, is programmatic so effective?

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by Steve Hall    Feb-14-14    
Topic: Opinion

After Reading This, You Will Never Speak Industry Jargon Again


The folks over at Space150 have created yet another slaying of industry jargon, business buzzwords and all those other idiotically insipid things we all say to each other as we go through our work day.

But with Industry Terms of Endearment, out just in time for Valentine's Day, Space 150 has taken seemingly innocuous business blather and coupled it with imagery. The results may shock you into never speaking like this again. Or at least, give you a giggle when you do.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-14-14    
Topic: Trends and Culture

Going to ad:tech San Francisco? Here's Your 20% Discount Code


If you work in online marketing then you're probably aware ad:tech is pretty much the largest conference out there covering online marketing and advertising technology. Perhaps you've been. Perhaps you haven't. If you have, then you know how beneficial it can be both from a networking and educational perspective. If you haven't been, see the previous sentence. The bottom line is you should go.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-14    
Topic: Industry Events

That Cadillac Ad Everyone Hates? They're Not Supposed to Like It


You do understand that the new Cadillac commercial with Neal McDonough extolling the virtues of good old-fashioned, America-style hard work is a bit of a parody, right? Granted, there are asshats like this in America who make you want to take a shit on the hood of their brand new Cadillac but consider this, those are the people who can afford to buy a Cadillac.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-14    
Topic: Commercials

Going to Cannes? Need A Swanky Venue? Check Out Villa Oxygen


So it's February. It may seem like June is a long way off but it will be here before you know it. What's special about June? Cannes Lions, of course! Are you ready? Flight booked? Accommodations all set? Event planned? Event location secured?

Wait, what? You don't know where you're going to host your entourage and your events? What, are you new? OK, sorry, We don't mean to be mean. We're actually here to help.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-14    
Topic: Industry Events

'Dumb Ways to Die' Wishes You A Gruesome Valentine's Day


Returning from fame and fortune, "Dumb Ways to Die," created by McCann Melbourne, is back with a bittersweet Valentine's Day message. In a video entitled "Dumb Ways to Valentine," blue guy, who sold his kidney's on the internet, has fallen for yellow girl and really, really wants her to know.

With seemingly easy access to his innards, blue guy reaches inside himself and presents his Valentine with his heart. And then he dies. Kind of dumb, right? Yea, that's the whole point.

Doubtful it will reach the 71 million views of the original but it's quite fun all the same.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-14    

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