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Window Washer Invites Workaholics to Ultimat Vodka Party


Employing a unique strategy to pimp its vodka client, Ultimat, Amalgamated hired window washers, spruced them up a bit and sent them up and down the sides of high rises in New York and Chicago with placards urging workers to take a break, work less and join the brand atop the roof for a vodka-fueled party.

Ingenious if you ask us. And quite successful. In just four short days, the video, which as we all know is the meat of the campaign (not the actual stunt), already has over one million views.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12    
Topic: Guerilla

'Moist And Tender' Slim Jims Help Emasculated Men Man Up


Before we get into this Venables Bell & Partners-created work for Sim Jim's new steakhouse strips, we have to ask, "Just what the hell are Slim Jims made of?" They don't taste like food and they certainly don't taste like steak. And reading the list of ingredients is enough to make one barf. But, like it or not, that topic is one for the food critics, not the ad critics. Onward.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12    
Topic: Campaigns

Google Fiber is Just What Kansas City Needed


Venables Bell & Partners, with help from 1st Avenue Machine, have created this fantastic animated representation of internet speeds to herald the launch of Google Fiber in Kansa City, one of 1,100 cities which applied for the behemoth's new 1000 MB/Sec fiber network.

The agency crafted a representation of on internet speeds as if they fueled the physical goings on within an city. Beginning with antiquated 56K speeds to 10GB speeds and all the way up to 1,000GB speeds, the video is underscored by an ever more speedy version of The Cars hit, Just What I Needed.

A dead-on representation of what life would be life if it ran at 1,000GB/Sec. Impressive work.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12    
Topic: Video

Facebook App's Maid From Hell Leaves Snot on Towel


Here's frequent traveler's worst nightmare. One never wants to think about just what might be going on in your hotel room when the maid makes a visit. One hopes they simply enter and sterilize the place without leaving any of their own DNA behind.

To promote Gordon Ramsey's new TV show, Hotel Hell, production company Ralph & Co. developed this Facebook app that provides and up close and personal experience with the Maid From Hell.

As you squirm while watching this Facebook-fueled production, you will forever wonder just what those maids do when they come to tidy up your hotel room.

by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12    
Topic: Social

Porn Star Sunny Leone Says Too Much Sex is Bad


PETA, as only PETA can, has enlisted yet another sexpot to hype one of its causes. This time, it's all about sex. Well, actually, it's all about not having sex. And this no sex message comes to us from someone who has made a career out of having sex, porn star Sunny Leone.

The print ad, which carries the headline, "Too Much Sex Can be a Bad Thing," encourages people to sterilize their dogs and cats. A porn star saying too much sex is a bad thing. Hmm. Only in advertising.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12    
Topic: Cause, Celebrity, Racy

Nationwide is on Danica Patrick's Side


In a new GoDaddy...uh...Nationwide Insurance ad, GoDaddy...uh...Nationwide Insurance spokesperson Danica Patrick touts the brand's current mantra; that it doesn't have shareholders so it's puts its members first. She also touts the brand's long-running Vanishing Deductible which, according to this commercial, results in something much better than a $0 deductible: Danica Patrick's phone number.

Courtesy of rabble rouser Dale Earnhardt, Patrick's number is revealed so those who have lusted after her for years in GoDaddy commercials can harass her. Of course, if the lustful actually call her, they will be disappointed. The number is not Danica's cell number but it does lead to a message from her asking for suggestions on how she can return the prank to Earnhardt in a future ad. ANd if Danica likes your suggestions, she just might call you back. Fan boys can only hope.

by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12    
Topic: Commercials

Apple Shoots Self in Foot With New Windows-Like Campaign


So everyone is piling on TBWA for two its most recent Apple commercials in which a Dell Dude-like character comes to the rescue of people in the midst of various computing nightmares. The piling on is well warranted for one simple reason; Apple products are supposed to be so easy to use that you rarely have to call in an Apple Genius for help.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-29-12    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Campaigns, Opinion

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