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Three Really Strange Anti-Smoking Ads


Here are three of the strangest quit smoking ads you will ever see. Created by Sukle Advertising & Design for the Wyoming Department of Health, three ads explain how the department can help people conquer the challenge.

In "Patches," a man nervously eyes a peg-legged pirate on a city street corner, before gleefully snatching the pirate's eye patch. A deadpan voiceover reminds viewers that free nicotine patches are available. "Gum" opens with an agitated young man watching an older woman take a piece of gum, which he then extracts from her mouth through a passionate kiss. Free nicotine gum is also available from the Health Department.

Finally, in "Someone," a long-haired ex-smoker tells his troubles to a friendly man who dispenses advice. When it turns out the two men are one and the same, the voiceover reveals that "someone to talk to" is also available and free.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-13    
Topic: Cause

Nestea Turns Guy Into Upskirt-Peeping Male Cheerleader


So you walk into a college career fair wandering what the hell you are interested in. You pause, notice an ice bucket and, rather than soak your head in it, reach in and pull out a bottle of Nestea.

Suddenly you are...just as confused as you were when you walked in but you can at least spin the bottle to help you decide what you want to do.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-13    
Topic: Commercials

Semi-Naked Teens With Hand-Bras Promote Swiss Magazine


It would seem this ad is aimed at parents who have inadvertently stumbled upon images of their daughters online in, shall we say, compromising positions. It's for the Swiss parenting magazine Fritz Franzi.

Of course it being a Swiss ad written in English with formulaic, minimal copy and image in the lower right hand corner posted to Ads of the World almost proves it's not a real ad. We've reached out to Fritz Franzi for confirmation.

The magazine, though, is real and provides parenting advice for parents with school-age children. Via.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-13    
Topic: Racy

Art Directors Club Announces Winner of 92nd Annual Awards


The Art Directors Club has announced the winners of its ADC 92nd Annual Awards for the advertising, interactive, and motion categories. The winners were presented with the coveted Gold and Silver Cubes at the Awards Gala, marking the conclusion of the three-day ADC 92nd Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design.

This year's cumulative winners, based upon awards won across all categories, are as follows:

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-13    
Topic: Industry Events

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Oven Talks Dirty in Goo Gone Ad


Ever open you oven and it begins talking to you? We didn't think so. But the dirty oven in this Goo Gone commercial sure has a dirty mouth and has plenty to say. Choice phrases include, "Ooh, German sausage jokes, they're the wurst. Get it, the wurst?" and "Are you checking out my rack?"

Check out Marcus Thomas-created commercial for those gems and more.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-13    
Topic: Strange

Courtney Love Delivers F-Bomb in E-Cigarette Ad


Not one to shay away from the profane, Courtney Love can be seen in a new NJOY e-cigarette ad dropping the F bomb at a swanky event after a women approaches her and says, "Excuse me. You know, you can't smoke in here." Via.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Beyonce Vanquishes Past Hotness in Pepsi's 'Live For Now'


Which Beyonce do you like the best? Her black leotard "Single Ladies days? Her hot pants-clad Crazy in Love days? Her "Bootylicious alter ego? All of them, of course? What's not to love about Beyonce in any form? Just ask this guy.

Working with 180LA, Beyonce can be seen in a new Pepsi commercial reliving all her past personas until she breaks through with her current, Pepsi-fueled Live For Now persona.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-13    
Topic: Celebrity, Racy

How Collaborative Marketing Can Build Your Brand


Collaborative Marketing. Right. All we need is another buzzword. Hey, this is marketing. All we do is come up with buzzwords. But this one kinda makes sense so stick with us. Collaborative Marketing consist of three steps: Attract. Assist. Affiliate.

Marketers create incentives attractive enough for people to seek out. Marketers then assist people by being helpful, engaging and understanding the various contexts people use a brands products or services in order to, in essence, "co-create" the products and services people need and want. And thirdly, marketers harness the power of brand advocates and enable them to function as affiliate marketers to further attract customers.

CrowdTap has written a whitepaper on the topic that's worth reading. You can download it here to find out how collaborative marketing can work for your brand.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-13    
Topic: Research, Social

13 Reasons Why the Blog Post Is the New Ad Unit


Writing on the HubSpot blog, I take a look at why the blog post is displacing typical online advertising. With recent interest in content creation, the rise of inbound marketing, and the latest trend, native advertising, the lowly blog post has, once again, risen to prominence in the eyes of marketers who now see it as a powerful method to connect with prospects and customers by delivering valuable, educational, and useful information.

And that is why the blog post is the new online ad unit. While clickthrough rates (CTR) are not the only metric by which you can measure a banner ad's performance, typical online banner ad units achieve a CTR of 0.10% according to MediaMind's Global Benchmarks Report, and that figure is on a downward spiral due to banner blindness, among other things. Couple that with "blind" network ad buys that prevent a marketer from knowing exactly where their ads appear and limited ad real estate on which to place messaging, and you've got an online advertising system that is very, very broken. But all is not lost! Here's why the blog post is so beneficial to marketers -- and why the typical ad unit just won't cut it any longer.


by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-13    
Topic: Opinion, Weblogs

Campaign Compares Belief in Lottery to Stuff That Actually Matters


David&Goliath is out with a new campaign for the California Lottery that compares winning the lottery to believing in -- let's be honest -- far more important things like women's rights, landing on the moon and continuing to surf after a shark has bitten off your arm.

While one may very well wish to believe they will win the lottery and, hence, play it all the time, is it fair to compare that belief to important cultural events and personal achievement?

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-13    
Topic: Campaigns

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