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What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook EdgeRank


Perhaps you've heard of Facebook EdgeRank. Or perhaps you haven't. In either case, you need to know how it works and how it can effect what you do for your brand on Facebook. In a nutshell, EdgeRank is an algorithm that determines where and what posts appear on each individual's newsfeed.

To help get a handle on how EdgeRank works, Facebook newsfeed publisher PostRocket has published two infographics that get to the heart of the matter. The first one is an introduction to EdgeRank and the second delves deeper into how EdgeRank filters newsfeed stories.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-23-13    
Topic: Research, Social

Fresh & Easy Does 'Ship My Pants' With Cuter Actors


Slightly similar to Kmart's recent Ship My Pants word play comes this Ignited-created work for Fresh & Easy. A music video entitled f&easy (yes, it is supposed to sound like what you think it sounds like) touts the brand's, well, fresh and easy approach to groceries. The song was written by Tony Award winning composer Jeff Marx and Julian Hornik.

It's a catchy enough ditty but nowhere near as hilarious as Kmart's Ship My Pants. The actors, however, are far easier on the eyes.

Additional campaign elements will include online, radio, outdoor, TV and mobile.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-22-13    
Topic: Commercials

Social Media Bimbo Thinks Copy Machine is Tanning Bed


Properly placing over-zealous social media types in their place, Jack in the Box, himself -- after being subjected to a T-Mobile speed-talking cheerleader-style verbal onslaught -- tells his new social media intern to cut the crap and makes some copies.

The ever so bimbo-like intern, played brilliantly by Rachel Grate, has no idea why Jack in the Box wants her to make copies with...a tanning bed.

Yes, people, social media interns are idiotic hotties who think Chiptotle Chicken Club sandwiches are "craze-amaze" and "Chipot-cray."

Truth or stereotype? You tell us.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-22-13    
Topic: Social

Kaspar's Chef Gets Way Too Excited About Killing Lobster


So there's a fancy hotel in London called The Savoy. And inside The Savoy is a new restaurant called Kaspar's Seafood Bar and Grill. To help promote the new restaurant and its approach, video marketing company PixelRain created a two minute video featuring head chef James Pare.

In the video Pare waxes eloquently about early morning visits to the fish market and how inspirational it is to imagine what he's going to do with that product once it gets to the restaurant.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-22-13    

Talking Yoga Mat Makes Kimpton Hotel Stay Interesting


Just how many ways are left to differentiate one hotel brand from another? If you're Portal A working for Kimpton Hotels, there are plenty including, well, a talking yoga mat...free in every room! In this two minute video created by Portal A, we are introduced to Mat thr talking yoga mat who is here to make Sherry's dismal day a whole lot better.

Mat pulls Sherry away from her work and takes her off on a bike ride, a trip to the pool, a massage and a nice dinner. Sadly, Sherry doesn't respond to Mat's final plea for some action.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-22-13    
Topic: Strange

Astronaut Crash Lands Into Bed With Super-Hot Chick


Hmm. It's like Fallen Angels except with astronauts. Axe really does have some sort of twisted preoccupation with the sky. BBH London has created the next entry in the brand's astronaut-themed ad campaign. In this outing, we see the after effects of interplay between a crash-landed astronaut and his lucky hottie.

Anyway, it's all to tout the fact showering with Axe is like showering like a hero. Which, of course, would be nice if it were true.

by Steve Hall    Apr-22-13    
Topic: Racy

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