Top 10 Most-Read Adrants Stories of 2013


As we look back on 2013 to see what popped here on Adrants, we see that interests ranged from the serious (a campaign which used disabled models to ponder the notion of perfection) to the silly (semi-naked teens promote a magazine with hand bras) to the stupid (yet another social media screw up) . But most interestingly, it was our Facebook screed, This is How Facebook is Going to Die, that took top honors, by far. Without further ado, here's what you loved most on Adrants in 2013.

1. This is How Facebook is Going to Die
2. Kaley Cuoco Makes Super Bowl Debut in Toyota Ad
3. 'Disabled' Mannequins Ponder the Notion of Perfection
4. Semi-Naked Teens With Hand-Bras Promote Swiss Magazine
5. Bookstore Chain Helps You Sleep With Your Favorite Book Characters

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by Steve Hall    Dec-27-13    
Topic: Trends and Culture

On the First Day of Christmas, My Client Said to Me...


Well someone had to do it. And Boston-based Winsper decided to be the one. Gathering together the 12 things (yes, we know, there are way more than 12) clients say to agencies -- some reasonable, some not so reasonable -- the agency turned the whole thing into a 12 Days of Christmas-style holiday card. No, they aren't going to win any prizes for their vocal abilities but you've got to love the epic, head-bashing ping pong ball shot at the end.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-23-13    
Topic: Agencies

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