Ingenious Signage Mimics Interstate Road Sign, Gets Brewer in Hot Water


Boise, Idaho-based Woodland Empire Ale Craft has taken a unique approach to signage. To promote its location, which is directly next to a main road leading to a major intersection, the brewery erected a billboard atop its roof which mimics green street signs.

The billboard consists of a green background, much like street signs all over the country, white lettering which reads. "Craft Beer" and a yellow portion on the bottom which reads, Right Here."

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by Steve Hall    Mar-14-14    

How to Craft Your Social Media Campaigns to Increase Leads


If you craft your social media campaigns properly, they can dramatically increase brand inquiries and lead generation, just like every other well-crafted element of your marketing plan. However, social has become more complicated in recent years. A new eBook from Marketo, Social Media for Lead Generation, will help you understand how social media is changing and how you can put it to use to improve your marketing results.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-13-14    
Topic: Research

6 Reasons Why SXSW Is Still Awesome


It's now de rigueur to trash SXSW. Actually, it has been for a couple of years. And while anything that includes a session entitled The Digital Cronut should most certainly be mocked, that's not what we're going to do. Because it's already been done. By everyone. In the most snarkiest of ways. That simply make the snarker look like like they are trying a little too hard to stay one hip step ahead of the curve. Before it curves again.

But...when you have a panel entitled High on Hashtags and the main takeaway, according to Search Engine Journal, is that "hashtags help discovery of trends, topics, sentiment," it's hard not to snark. But, we're not going to do it.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-13-14    
Topic: Industry Events

How the Ubiquity of Big Data is Dramatically Changing Marketing


"Big Data" has been a popular buzzword in business circles for the past several years, but when most people hear the term, if they know what it means at all, they picture tech-savvy analysts using highly specialized tools to handle unimaginably huge datasets to deliver arcane business intelligence.

Few think about the ways data is permeating all aspects of our lives, but increasingly, this is the new reality, and the trend is accelerating. Businesses that get out in front of the trend can gain a competitive advantage by serving customers better.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-11-14    
Topic: Trends and Culture

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7 Ways Marketers Can Use Mobile to Tap Into People's 'Digital Home on the Range'


In just under a decade, mobile devices have morphed from a handy tool that allows people to make phone calls on the go into a users' primary communication channel and ubiquitous online connection to friends, family, business and entertainment. The rapidly changing role mobile devices play in our lives is evident from a mobile device users' utter panic if their phone is misplaced or stolen: The loss creates the same physiological and psychological symptoms once reserved for a traumatic event like a home burglary -- a sense of disorientation and alienation from what they hold dear as well as profound separation anxiety.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-10-14    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless

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