How to Find Long-Tail Keywords that Drive Massive Search Traffic


As a digital marketer or a business owner interested in making it big through online marketing, you surely should understand the dynamics of using your website to get more business. You also should know how SEO is essential to your digital marketing strategy as it attracts more traffic to your website.

The key to having a solid SEO strategy is optimizing your keywords to get the most traffic as you can. So, how can you find long-tail keywords for your SEO strategy?

If you aren't using long-tail keywords, you are missing out big time because long-tail keywords make up 70% of online searches. A long-tail keyword is a keyword that is long-phrase with 4-5 words, which is different from general short-tail keywords that usually use 1-2 keywords.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-27-19    
Topic: Online

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