Are You Making Any of These Content Marketing Mistakes?


No matter how big or profitable your company may be, there is no way to keep it competitive in the long run without content marketing. That's just the way things work these days - you need to publish a lot of quality content to raise awareness, build trust, generate leads, and drive conversions.

Content marketing is a huge privilege of the modern business because it helps you to approach highly targeted audiences around the clock - a feature traditional marketers could only dream of just a decade or two ago. A wide range of studies prove the potential of this marketing tactic:

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-19    
Topic: Publishing

What You Need to Know About Google's BERT Update


Google uses a combination of algorithms and various ranking signals to position the webpages in the SERP. Unlike the initial years, Google now makes thousands of changes every year to the algorithms. The latest major algorithm update was BERT, which was implemented in the last week of October. The reports say that it has affected 10% of all search queries. It's the biggest update since Google released RankBrain.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-19    
Topic: Online

8 Reasons Why TikTok Could Be The Next Big Thing For Brands


TikTok is a great tool that synchronizes with the younger audiences and has racked up millions of downloads globally. Big brands are effectively using TikTok for its brand awareness rather than generating traffic or leads and Marketers promote their brands on different channels to attract required and relevant customers. Brands need to be creative and innovative to truly gain attention from the audience.

TikTok helps brands to engage the younger audiences by showing the lighter sides of the brands through funny videos, challenges and other major strategies. Start branding and promotion through TikTok as an effective medium, get maximum reach at least investment.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-19    
Topic: Social

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